Public Relations Specialist

Whitfield County School System

Nestled in the foothills of north Georgia, Whitfield County Schools is one of the largest school districts in the state. Based on a heritage of excellence, Whitfield County Schools attracts many applicants from the tri-state area and beyond.

Position Details

Public Relations Specialist
Metro Atlanta and North Georgia
Dalton, GA


To implement a systematic two-way process of communications between the Whitfield County School System and its internal and external publics designed to build morale, goodwill,cooperation, and support and to generate in the community at large a climate of understanding of the system and the efforts to provide each student with the best possible education.


1. Lead with a One Whitfield vision for communications with appropriate timelines and due dates for projects.

2. Serves as liaison between the system and the news media and supervises the production of all news releases, arranges for press conferences as required, and prepares press kits for distribution to reporters covering board meetings.

3. Sets annual objectives for the system’s public relations program.

4. Engage online media including social media engagement of district events.

5. Establishes a good working relationship with the media, school staff, and community.

6. Attends all board meetings, central level school meetings, and others as may be assigned by the superintendent.

7. Coordinates a school based network of publicists.

8. Speaks at public meetings on issues of general or specific preference to system schools and programs at the request of the superintendent.

9. Promote district promotional materials both in print and electronic medians.

10. Disseminate statistical data to the public via electronic dashboards.

11. Plan effective digital billboards that allows the delivery of the right message at just the right time to our community.

12. Ensure website content is up-to-date and accurate. Review content periodically, gather and edit new content, collect photos for use on the site, and coordinate with schools, if necessary, to get information posted, updated, and removed in a timely fashion.

13. Generates positive media to showcase student and staff accomplishments and/or recognitions.

14. Promote district Strategic Plan.

15. Create yearly Strategic Plan Progress Reports.

16. Create and promote quarterly Accountability Reports.

17. Plans and monitors the periodic surveys of public opinion regarding the system or current issues in education.

18. Maintains open lines of communication with all community organizations and provides prompt responses to requests for public information about the system, its policies, and its programs.

19. Implements and maintains emergency communications processes and systems.

20. Collaborates with other education, public safety, and emergency management entities to ensure accurate and effective communications in emergency situations.

21. Performs such other tasks and assumes such other responsibilities as may, from time to time, be assigned by the superintendent.

REPORTS TO: Superintendent

See "Summary" and "Description."

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