Public Affairs Director

Georgia Transmission Corporation

About Us:

Decades of rapid population growth and risingpersonal energy use in Georgia have challenged us to expand the capacity fast enough to meet demand. Instead of facing problems from transmission shortages, our maintenance efforts and the investment of more than $1 billion in new facilities this decade have us setting company records for electric reliability along our transmission network. The effects of our work can be felt in every region of the state. Our success means EMC customers are protected from increased outages, longer restoration times and a greater risk of blackouts.

Planning and Construction

New power lines and substations are essential to keeping the power grid reliable enough to meet the demands of growth and rising per-capita energy use.


Maintaining 3,000 miles of power lines and substations was made even more demanding in 2008 with the introduction of federal reliability standards. Although we achieved 100-percent compliance in our first external audit, the complexity of this job keeps us humble.


Find out how we work with communities to build the power lines and substations they need, and which organizations have our people jogging, cleaning up creeks, protecting butterfly research, giving blood and more.


Because of the delicate nature of working in mountains, wetlands and every environment imaginable, we’re proud to say we have an outstanding record of meeting federal and state regulations. In addition to serving as the main sponsor of a program that locates and catalogues historic sites, we work to improve land conservation and wildlife habitats across the state.

Position Details

Public Affairs Director
Metro Atlanta and North Georgia
Tucker, GA

Play a key role in developing and implementing the corporation’s public relations and communications strategies.

  • Provide community, public and government relations counsel and support related to the construction of high-voltage electric power lines and substations. 
  • Handle challenging media and community relations assignments related to these construction projects. 
  • Serve as an official spokesperson for the corporation. 
  • Develop ongoing relationships with elected officials, the media, government agencies, business leaders, and the corporation’s employees in order to maintain and enhance the corporation’s reputation and the timely completion of construction projects. 
  • Write and edit communication materials to accomplish corporate objectives. 
  • Provide editorial review of corporate communications materials. 
  • Determine strategies and tactics to raise awareness of electric transmission issues. 
  • Report to and provide support to the Vice President of External Affairs and Member Relations.


  • Bachelor's degree in Communications or related field.


  • Eight years in media relations, public relations, community relations or related field.
  • Experience in the electric utility industry preferred.

Equivalent Experience:

  • A bachelor's degree, communications experience and at least four years experience in the utility industry working directly with the public on new construction projects.

Specialized Skills:

  • Crisis communications, excellent relationship-building skills, superior written and verbal communication skills, public speaking, detail oriented, Microsoft Office Suite.

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