Internal Communications Specialist


Innovation. Quality. Excellence.

Simply stated, Masonite doors will make your project more beautiful. They possess a distinctive style and flare that accent decor and even become the focus of a room or the exterior of your home. They provide arresting beauty, lasting durability, and timeless performance.

We believe a door is more than just a door, and we never stop pushing the boundaries in helping elevate the role the door can play in any environment — inspiring customers to open to extraordinary. A passion for authentic craftsmanship and trend-forward thinking drives us to create the most distinct, innovative offering in the industry.

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, we employ more than nine thousand people worldwide. Our continued leadership, innovative spirit and authentically crafted products have earned us a reputation unsurpassed in the industry — making Masonite the brand of choice for professionals and consumers worldwide.

Position Details

Internal Communications Specialist
Southwest Florida
Tampa, FL


Our vision is to be the best provider of building products in the eyes of our customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and communities.

At Masonite, we understand that people are key. We are a composite of diverse people who come together by showing support and respect to one another.

We hire people that demonstrate integrity under pressure. Integrity is at the foundation of everything we do. It is in each door we make, in our commitment delivery and in our honest and sincere communication.

Our employees are flexible, versatile and resilient.Our ability to weather any storm, to bend without breaking, is what allows us to hear the knock and open the door with confidence, no matter what’s on the other side.

At Masonite, we hold the door open for each other and for new ideas. We want everyone to freely contribute ideas and add value, so we are positive and encouraging. This collaborative environment is what makes Masonite a transparent, fair company- one that doesn’t hide behind closed doors.

We continuously strive to improve both our products and our customers’ experiences. This drive leads us to revolutionize the door industry and help people walk through walls.


For this role you will need to prove your skills:

  1. Please provide a journalistic writing sample (1-2 paragraphs) on “The Power of a Door” 
  2. Find the grammar errors in the ad and correct

*Masonite does not use the Oxford Comma

Please send both of these to along with your resume.

Masonites in need of a Internal Communications Specialist.

This person must:

  • Be comfortable and capable of providing communications counsil and support to senior leaders 
  • Affectively work across multiple organizational boundaries. 
  • Have a professional presence business diplomacy skills and a passion for making work meaningful 
  • be able to draft key messages, strategies and action plans, and managing implementation. 
  • Have a high capability in oral, written, and video communications, and presentation development and speechwriting skills.


  • Must be a grate prove reader
  • Greatt attention to deital
  • Ability to craft communications plans, including conducting needs assessments and identifying and analyzing stake holders and audiences
  • Bachelor’s degree required (preferablie in Marketing, Communications, or Public Relations)
  • 2-4 years of experience managing business communications such as employee communications, marketing, or public relations
  • Must be comfortable working directly with the CEO and other C-Suite executives to supporting them on developing power points and scripts for employee communication
  • Must be able to travel 25-30%.

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