Account Coordinator


Our Mission:

To produce the most engaging and impactful human experiences on the web – one client, campaign, and domain at a time.

Position Details

Account Coordinator
South Florida
Delray Beach, FL

We’re looking for a problem-solver to join the growing Account Strategy Team. Your primary goal will be to work with Account Strategists to maximize the department’s efficiency and ensure we delight our clients. Also, a secondary goal of the role is exposure to the Account Strategist position and to begin the training process for a higher-level role.


Create weekly update document for clients:

  • Review Podio / Asana for both production and promotion highlights and status.
  • Draft emails for Account Strategists to review and send.

Input ideation requests and schedule them according to the SOW.

Work with Director of Creative Strategy on prioritizing ideation needs across accounts and maintaining the MPW ideation tab.

Work with Director of Creative Strategy on creating ideation decks.

Add new SOWs to Podio / Asana and the MPW on the Master Tracker tab.

Monitor promotions reports and work with Promotions to keep them updated:

  • Ensure the weekly recon work is done and reviewed.
  • Isolate and escalate any issues.
  • Provide a report to the AM to review midway through the campaign, as well as assist with the final report.

Act as a liaison with Creative Strategy and Promotions to provide insight and recommendations for better cross-functional collaboration.

Prepare kick off decks as needed, and take notes during the kick off meeting.

Perform follow up tasks from kick off meetings as needed

Prepare Client Briefs initially and update on an ongoing basis.

Podio Campaign Set Up: upload ideation and other client specific files, fully fill out fields, add all resources (ideation, production, promotions), get production started, and add design resources as they are assigned.

Attend meetings with Account Strategists

Perform follow up tasks from meetings as needed

Provide performance reporting on a periodic and ad hoc basis

Podio Campaign Closeout:

  • Ensure all final files are uploaded, staged LP and final URL are added to the description
  • Ping Media Relations Manager to ask for final link conversions (done by MRS), link recon and promotions report
  • Thank all parties who participated throughout the project


Bachelor’s degree preferred

Required Skills and Experience:

1-2 years experience in an agency setting (preferably digital marketing or PR)

Excellent customer relations skills with transparent and empathic communication.

You should be able to influence others to get things done while maintaining a high level of emotional intelligence.

Ability to effectively communicate externally, as well as with internal teams.

Impeccable attention to detail.

An ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, with each project having many moving parts. Someone with a high level of organization combined with the ability to think nimbly is needed to be good at this.

The ability to creatively problem solve. You should be a strategist. Each client is different, and will require ingenuity and resourcefulness on many levels. In order to find success you will need to be a self-starter who has the ability to overcome obstacles and find creative solutions to problems without excessive hand-holding.

The right candidate will be an Internet Junkie, someone who lives and breathes the Internet and consumes content online voraciously. You should consider yourself somewhat of an Internet nerd. You should be an avid participant in most (if not all) of the following: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, Vine, Instagram, Reddit, Stumbleupon. You should understand the nuances of Internet culture, including Memes and other aspects of Internet history/folklore. You should also be a reader of a good variety of popular blogs and sites. Places like, Huffpost, Mashable, Techcrunch, etc. should be places you visit on a regular basis.

You should consider yourself to be an expert at Google-fu. That is, your searching technique and ability should enable you to find the answer to nearly any question. If you operate under the assumption that the Internet contains the answer to almost any question, and you feel confident with your search ability that you can find nearly any answer, you will probably fit in great here. You should also have significant experience and confidence in your ability to look for and find information in unexpected places. You should be an Internet Sleuth, because in many circumstances that is exactly what you will be doing.

You should have a working knowledge of SEO, and how off-page factors like links and social engagements can impact search visibility and keyword rankings.

Fractl offers a generous PTO package including: unlimited flex-time off, paid holidays and 20 nomadic days per year. In addition, we offer 100% paid medical and vision plans, a 50% paid dental plan and a company sponsored 401k plan for employees. We have a relaxed atmosphere with music, an open floor plan, comfy couches, and a ping pong table. We have a full kitchen so you can prepare meals and an unlimited supply of coffee, soda, fruit, and snacks.

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